Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hand Pieced Hexy Project 2008-2012

My oh my!  I haven't seen it laid out this way before.  I have done drawings, but the real thing is so much better.  This project was started in 2008 from a range of Moda fabrics.  I just loved the autumnal colours so much that I wanted to use them for my take-along, hand piecing.  As these things go, it has been sitting around for long periods of time, until I feel like doing some hand work.

 Suddenly, you think that somehow this hexagon shape needs to become a square shape and how is that going to work!  Drawing after drawing to get the placement of the corners where they needed to be, got me to this point.  Wished I had taken photos of the first layout I had!  I completely forgot where I intended to place the fabrics in the first place.  So this morning at 3:30am, I threw it on the floor and had a play with what I had and this is the result.  I am happy with the placement and will strive to get all the pieces in place, so I can work on the borders.

I would like to get this finished in 2012, but who knows.  I started it in the year of my mother's illness and passing.  It will be a reminder of those times, but also of the future.  My first grandchild was born last year.  That's why a quilt is so important.  It marks the milestones in life and gets us through it.


  1. I love hexy quilts. Between you and Bonnie, I may just have to break down and make my one, One Day.

    Thanks for popping on over to my space and your kind words.

  2. What a memorable and lovely quilt.