Orca Bay Quilt

I am hoping to post pictures of my progress while making my first mystery quilt.  Bonnie Hunter is going to try to set up a link to her blog so everyone taking part in this mystery can see how everyone else is doing with theirs!  Sounds like fun.  Should keep the motivation up.

Some of my fabric choices.  So far I have sewn strips together to make the 448 QST units needed.

I used the companion angle ruler, as Bonnie suggested, to cut out the triangles from 1 1/2" strips.  I have had that ruler for ages and never really knew how to use it.  So 'thanks Bonnie' for getting me to use one of the millions of rulers I own!

Tomorrow I will sew the QST units into the 224 hourglass units.  I really would like to get them all together in a day and save trimming them up for Wednesday when my girlfriends come over.  That way I will be distracted from the trimming of 224 little blocks!!

Today I exceeded my expectations!  Here they are ready to be sewn.  I thought it would be quicker and less hassle if I matched them first rather than randomly picking them as I went.  I was so proud of myself, making sure that I didn't duplicate any of my fabrics in the blocks!

Well I wasn't as clever as I thought.  I still managed to make one block with a duplicate neutral fabric.  Nevermind!  No one is perfect.

So here are the blocks, all pressed open and ready for trimming.

Then I thought, why wait for tomorrow to trim up, when I have a whole afternoon to make a start.

I managed to trim up a 110 blocks.  With a smile on my face and camera in hand, I locked up the cottage and came indoors to post my day's work for all the world to see.

Who says I spend all day doing nothing?!

Tomorrow my friends will be round for our Wednesday get-together and I will have something new to share.

Hurray!!  I finished trimming all the hourglass blocks.  My friends were impressed and just as keen to find out how this mystery was going to unfold.

I love seeing all these lovely blocks neatly stacked and waiting for the next part of Orca Bay.

For the moment, the rest of this quilt will be a leader/ender project.
I will post the final stages sometime in the future.


  1. Looks like you have s nice system going Sandra! I'm doing a Bonnie Mystery for the first time too, what fun

  2. Hello from a fellow mystery participant in the UK! You've made a great start :)

  3. They are so beautiful, can't go wrong with black and neutrals. You did better than I did, I have a few duplicates, but I think I overdid the number enough to hopefully not use those except maybe on the back. Great job.

  4. Wow, That looks organised, i'm a chaotic kind of quilter!! You're doing just fine!! Have fun with this mystery

  5. Wow - great job - they look fabulous!