Sunday, 29 April 2012

Friendship Triangle Exchange according to Edyta

This weekend I have been busy planning an HST exchange.  On Thursday I mentioned it to my quilt group in Aylesford, but hadn't really thought out how this would be carried out.

I love scrappy quilts and last year while at the Lancaster Quilt Show, I took a workshop with Edyta Sitar.  She is a lovely lady and the workshop was a load of fun.  She is the inspiration behind the HST exchanges.  Her book, "Friendship Triangles", explains how, using her printed papers, groups can sew and exchange 2" finished triangle units, in order to get a wide variety of fabrics without the expense of buying them.   There is a great free video on "The Quilt Show" with Edyta.  Watch to see her explanation of how it all works.

I will be improvising by printing my own HST sets on a sheet of A4 paper.  This will produce 16 - 2" finished HST units.  I know there are many ways to make 2" finished units, but this paper method ensures conformity throughout.  Also the idea is to sew two fabrics together and hand them in for the exchange without cutting and opening.  When everyone who wants to participate has handed in their HSTs, I will cut and sort all the units.  16 HSTs in the same colourway will be exchanged for  an equal number of units but in a variety of fabrics.  Participants will collect the HSTs until there are enough to complete which ever project they choose.  Papers will be left on the units until they are ready for assembly.  This will make sure the seams will always press in the correct direction and bias edges will not be stretched.  Once units are pressed open, then the papers can be removed.

The exchange is initially going to be run between the three quilt groups that I am associated with.  If this takes off and runs well, I will consider doing it by post in the UK.  Obviously, the more the merrier.  So let's see how things roll on the smaller scale.  If anyone else is interested, perhaps you could let me know by email.

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