Friday, 16 October 2009

Fantastic mini projects from Sue Spargo

I can't believe I actually got some sleep last night. Midnight surfing can catch up with you eventually. This morning I checked out some of my favorite blogs and thought I needed to share this with you.  Stocking fillers! Gifts for mums, aunties, friends. 
As I went down my blog list, I saw my FOLLOW SANTA bookmark.  Great one for the kids because it shows Santa's tracks across the world leading up to Christmas Eve. 
But then that got me started on Christmas presents and these are so ideal.  I want to meet Sue Spargo!! She lives in Ohio and that is where I came from before settling here in the UK in 1971. So..........thought these little ideas would be good to get the children involved as well.  See what you think.

Sue has some great books for sale with some really nice contemporary folk art quilts.

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