Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What a glorious day! But I love the winter.

The weather yesterday was fantastic!  Where did that come from?  With the clocks going back, I sort of accept that the "normal" weather is back and the summer clothes are firmly tucked away for another year.  I always feel that summer, as terrific as it is, is a special season;  a reward for having to deal with nine months of cold, wind and rain.  Winter is the way life is.  I feel safe in winter.  Huddled under a warm quilt, protected from the world outside.  I think it is important to have special days or special seasons.  If it was the same for 12 months it would be dead boring.  Winter gives you the chance to do all the indoor stuff you want to get on with.  All the projects to make for Christmas gifts and projects to make for next year's exhibitions.

A few friends came over yesterday and the ideas and excitement of making craft items for our quilt show next year were in abundance.  I love to see the 'light bulb' go on and the eyes wide.  My blood pressure has been up because of all the excitement of carrying out all the ideas in my mind.  The thought of sitting in a group at a friend's house making pincushions and bunting and mini quilts fills me with joy.  It is that sort of thing that gets me through the winter months.  That is why I prefer this time of the year.  Just wait until I get my wood burning stove!  That will be the icing on the cake!

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