Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Maidstone Quilt Show 2010

How wonderful, I have been re-elected as chairman for another year.  So many things to organize and loads of ideas to work on.  I hope to get the group really motivated so we can make loads of money for the Heart of Kent Hospice.

Our Maidstone Quilt Show will be changing venue for 2010!  We are holding a three-day event at The Friars in Aylesford on the July 30, 31 & Aug 1, starting at 10am.  How marvelous is that going to be!!  They have a beautiful converted barn with traditional thatched roof and oak beams.  I can see how glorious all the quilts will look surrounded by such a magnificent building.  It will be a show not to be missed.

As always, there will be trade stands selling delicious fabrics, patterns, books, buttons, all sorts.  We, Hearty Quilters, will be making journal quilts in the style of the Little Gem Tombola at the Festival of Quilts.  In addition, there will also be craft items and cakes made by Hearty Quilters on sale.

With the winter creeping in on us, I like to picture myself sitting near a log fire with my sewing draped around me, helping to keep me warm.  A glow on my face and totally at peace with myself.  In reality I am snowed under with stacks of fabrics looking for space on my shelves and in my cupboards and half started projects hanging around, shouting at me "finish me, finish me!"  It is good to dream. Ahhhhh....

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