Saturday, 3 October 2009

What an exciting day I shall be having Saturday.  It is the AGM at my monthly quilt group and as I am chairman at the moment, the responsibility of it is quite exciting.

So many things happening right now.  Just really would like to get back to quilting though.  I have some projects on the go that require more effort.  As we are planning for our 2010 Maidstone Quilt Show, I need to get these quilts done if I have any hope of entering them for the show.

What I like about the Maidstone Quilt Show is that anyone can enter and the quilts are not judged.  They are entered as a way of contributing to our adopted charity, THE HEART OF KENT HOSPICE, but also for the sharing and enjoyment and the beauty of seeing your work from a different perspective.  Sometimes we are looking at our work too closely and being very critical of it.  When you hold it up and stand back, you can better appreciate how absolutely stunning it really is.  Everyone ought to enter their work into a local quilt show.  If anyone is interested in entering their work into the Maidstone Quilt Show next year, details will be available in the near future.

More glorious sunshine in my part of the world!  But just a bit of rain would certainly help!

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