Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's October!

Today is the first of October and I know summer has come to an end.  The weather has been kind but you know what is around the corner.  My little Bumbleberry Cottage is sitting quietly as the nights are drawing in.  The dogs are doing really well with their training and I have been busy with other things so the cottage has to wait.

My friends and I had a wonderful day in London, just floating along the river Thames.  What a wonderful way to see some of the historic sights the city has to offer.  You feel like you are totally removed from the madness which surrounds the city.  We stopped for lunch at the tex-mex restaurant near Charing Cross.  Managed the whole meal without incident (spilling and such like).  Then meandered our way back to the river for our return to the O2.  We were celebrating a 65th birthday, a little belatedly!  Fun was had by all.  Our quilting was always weaving its way through our conversations.  After all it is what brought us all together in the first place.

Loads of ideas have been springing into my head and I can't wait for the time I will be able to make some of them come to life.  As quite often happens with me, the ideas can be a little off-the-wall.  But with the right tweaks, they are certainly do-able.

I am really thrilled with the new website I stumbled upon.  How wonderful all the templates are!  I am certainly going to have fun experimenting with them.  I just love all this technology.

Just off to La La Land now.  Wonder what t'morrow brings!

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