Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Party at Castle Wall

Today is the Christmas Party at my quilt group, Castle Wall.  We already had our meal a fortnight ago which was absolutely wonderful!  Though it did lack a real Christmas feel because we had it so early, we couldn't fault the meal or the service.  The restaurant was Wealden Hall in Larkfield, Kent.  A beautiful period building with a real medieval feel.

We are having a raffle and a 'fat quarter game'.  Each of us has to bring a 'desirable' fat quarter.  Each table has a series of cards to turn over with a command written on.  For instance, a card could say, "swap places with the person wearing red" or "everyone move three places to the right", etc.  The fat quarter stays on the table in the original place and the people move round the table until all the cards have been used.  You then get to keep the fat quarter in front of you!

We did a different game last year whereby a person could take the fat quarter they liked from someone else and then that person would do the same to another person.  That game got quite heated because in the end there was always a particular fabric that several people were fighting over, meaning the rest of us just had to sit and wait or get stuck with the fabric we had.

Just don't come between a quilter and her fabric!

I chose to take "Jane's Magic Forest" by Jane Sassaman of Free Spirit.  I just love the bold design.  I used it to back the playmat pictured on my profile picture.

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