Saturday, 18 February 2012

T2T Scrappy Pineapple Blocks Day One

While looking for a scrappy project to sink my teeth into, I came across Gyleen Fitzgerald on The Quilt Show website.  I was so taken by her video, that I ordered her T2T book and ruler.

This is a really easy project to perhaps do in between others or just whenever you feel you want to pare down your scrap collection.

There is a great big pile of novelty and ugly fabrics I seem to have collected which I would really like to dispose of.  This project with its 1 1/2" strips gives me a good reason to use them up and forget about them.  The special ruler is the perfect way to make sure I don't have to engage any more brain cells than is absolutely necessary!

My first three attempts here for the world to see! I thought I might give them all a common centre and probably sash them when I have enough to make the whole quilt top.

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