Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thimbles, thimbles and MORE thimbles

Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville decided to do a linky on Monday about thimbles.  Did this open up a can of worms!!  I knew I had a few thimbles, but not this many.

I guess we all end up collecting more thimbles than we need simply because they get lost amongst all the other quilty stuff.  I started my collection when I couldn't decide which thimble worked best for me.  Standard thimbles can be too tall or too short.  Too big or too small.  For quilting or for general sewing.  I have tried many and for various reasons, they have all worked out at some point.

My favourite ones are the TJ Lane and Roxanne thimbles.  They are not only functional & comfortable, but also have the bling factor.  Along with the thimbles, some of the containers used to store them.  Lipstick holders are ideal for holding a selection.

Here are the ones I could find at the moment!!


  1. Wow, you have some pretty thimbles and cases!

  2. Love the little cases! I have a vintage beaded necklace with a bag for a thimble it at a boot sale in England!

  3. I love my Roxanne thimble, too. I haven't gotten to try one of the TJ Lane thimbles, but they sound really nice.

  4. I just love your filgre egg container. What a lovely thing to ad some bling to a project.